Last week we had a look at how new coach on the Voice, Boy George was fairing and despite having difficulty snaring the contestants in the Blind Auditions, the 80’s pop icon is still leading The Voice betting on the Winning Manager.

This week it’s time to see how the other new coach is faring on The Voice UK, so here’s the lowdown on Team Paloma!

Team Paloma – Keeping The Faith!

Paloma as fans will know, is a rather kooky, off the beaten track type of artist and I think she’s an excellent addition to The Voice UK 2016. However, I have noticed her being slated quite a lot on Twitter during the show and there are a lot of viewers who find everything from her voice to her shoes annoying – charming!

Luckily the folk who are putting themselves through the Blind Auditions have an idea of just what an amazing artist Paloma is and what an great opportunity it will be to have her as their mentor.

Paloma however is a perfectionist and with that comes a degree of choosiness! I imagine she will be one of the last coaches to fill their team but unlike Boy George it won’t be because the singers don’t pick her to mentor, it will be because she won’t spin her chair for any average Jo!

Check out Team Paloma so far..

Beth Morris


Dwaine Hayden 


Megan Reece 





So far Team Paloma has just four members and only one of her acts are in the top four of The Voice betting on this year’s winner!

Beth Morris was the first female to audition and is third favourite to win.  Paloma is also third in The Voice market on the Winning Manager!

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