All your reality TV news

Here at Flashbitch we provide the readers with some real variety. Whether you want to read about the latest talent shows like BGT and X-Factor or look through our dedicated slots page, you can do it all. Now, we will be focusing on the reality shows. They may seem to be taking over the TV world, and there’s more reality ‘stars’ than ever before, and this is the page to keep on top of all the gossip.

When it comes to reality TV shows, there is one standout, that no matter how z-list the stars are, we will still watch. Of course, it’s Big Brother.

Keeping up with the Big Brother antics

It was way back in 2000 when the first set of contestants entered the house to have every aspect of their lives monitored. Since then, the audience may have dwindled, but the British public are suckers for it, and keep going back to watch Big Brother, and 16 years on we’ve had our latest winner – Stephen Bear.

The less said about him the better we think though…

Whether it’s celebrities, or regular people seeking to make a name for themselves, the toxic combination of a dozen or so people sharing one house leads to great entertainment for the viewer. We have seen it all over the years; housemates getting together, tantrums, fights and lots and lots of explosive arguments. Okay, some may seem to play up for the camera, but it’s still interesting!

It’s the unpredictability and mix of personalities that makes fascinating viewing and that’s why we will cover it all for you here at Flashbitch. From the gossip from each show, to the rumours in the press, we will be giving you all angles of the house and the lowdown on the contestants involved.

Our site will also give you the latest from other shows such that attract public interest, as well as keeping you updated with any news surrounding some of the biggest names in reality TV.

Pick your favourites

As it’s a popular TV show, you can obviously always bet on Big Brother. As soon as the housemates are announced, it’s worth checking our website as we will be giving you all of the latest information, odds and some potential tips.

The benefits of Celebrity Big Brother are that you may already have an idea of what a contestant is like. So, if someone is a real star on another show, the chances are they will transfer that to the house and you can work out who will be popular.

Of course, it’s predominantly based on public votes, so when trying to pick a winner you need to consider that.

The betting markets will be open throughout any of the shows, so as people reveal their full personalities you can work out who will be a hit with the viewers. There may be debates in your own household about who is the best, so why not put it to the test and back up your talk with a bet?

Don’t forget to check out the betting arena for advice and tips on how to bet, it is really beneficial, particularly if you are new to the game.

There you have it, our dedicated reality page. If you’ve missed out on anything, or are just looking for some info on your favourite shows, then this is the page for you. Big Brother is the chief show for betting and seems to be on all the time! So, read all about it, place your bets and enjoy the drama that unfolds.