Sweet Party slots game is a real gobstopper, as easy to play as Mega Fortune Dreams and with an a cumaltive jackpot, you'll soon see why I chose to review this online slot game! There is however another reason why this game caught my eye!

The Sweet Party slots game reminds me of the time when I was one of those annoying Facebook friends who sent endless requests for candies, in the hugely popular Candy Crush Saga game.

Like many people I got stuck on a certain level and played it for about four months before realizing there just weren’t enough hours in the day to spend popping candies and getting nowhere.

That was a couple of years ago now, so imagine my utter joy when I spotted the familiar stripes and shapes of Candy Crush Saga, on the Sweet Party Slot game at TitanBet Casino and that's another reason I was drawn to this online slot game!

Naturally, I had to review it so here we go..

Sweet Party Slots set-up.

Sweet Party Slots is a Playtech game, so you can trust right away the game will be suited to those with a taste for style and the graphics will be sweet.

Instead of the usual reels, you are presented with what looks like a clear jar filled with colorful jelly sweets and what you can imagine to be hard candies.

The sweet symbols form a grid 5 sweets across and five down and the aim of the game is to match 5 or more sweets horizontally or vertically.

The more you match, the more you win – simples!

If you are lucky enough to match eight or more striped sweeties then you win a percentage of the jackpot. This percentage is determined by the amount you bet,
£1 wager = 10% of the jackpot
£2 wager = 20% of the jackpot
£5 wager = 50% of the jackpot
£10 wager = 100% of the jackpot

If you prefer surprises and action, choose games like Starburst, Big Bad Wolf or Jackpot Giant – this game is for those who like to play and not have to think too hard while they are winning BIG.

Where To Play Sweet Party Slots.

Sweet Party Slots can be played online at William Hill, Betfred, TitanBet and Bgo.

All these sites offer loyalty rewards and a variety of welcome bonuses.




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