Ever fancied spending some time in the jungle with a load of celebrities? Me neither but I HAVE actually spent time in the jungle before and it's a lot of fun if you don't mind a few bugs, bats and of course, great big hairy spiders! Playing the I'm A Celebrity slot is possibly the closest most people would want to get to the Australian jungle so I've had a few (loads) of games, so I can give you a rundown on how the I'm A Celebrity slot plays.

You can play the I’m A Celebrity Slot here and grab yourself a bonzer bonus while you're at it!

We can’t really send you off into the jungle for real – you know that as well as we do. It is, however, your chance to play this 40-lined, five reeled I’m A Celebrity slot machine. Here’s your chance to pretend you’re a celebrity in the jungle as you spin your way through a game full of creepy-crawlies, witchetty grubs and, of course, the synonymous golden stars.

The game is encased in a bamboo frame and contains the same Hollywood-esque I’m A Celebrity logo that features on the TV show. At the bottom of the screen you can find various buttons that control the game. The spin button is towards the right hand side of the screen and you set the total bet on left hand side. You also have the option to decide on the amount of lines you would like to bet on and the total stake – with the maximum bet being 10 coins per line, or 400 per spin. This is quite unusual for a video slot as you are usually restricted to choosing either the amount of lines or the total bet. This adds a nice dynamic to the game.

In terms of symbols they’re represented by four notorious jungle pests – frogs, rats, spiders and crocodiles; there’s also a nice twist with the generic A-10 symbols containing various creepy-crawlies. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t feature any of the celebrities and even lacks Ant & Dec! If you’re really missing them you can always check out the X-Factor slot. Other than that small oversight the design of this game is really quite impressive and somewhat refreshing.

Bonus symbols and features.

There’s one bonus feature in this game – the free spins bonus. Triggering this bonus is rather simple and involves landing three or more of the scatter symbols on your screen.

The bonus symbol in this game is the iconic golden star which, as you already probably know, are used to award celebrities with meals in the actual TV show. You’ll be glad to know you won’t be receiving any meals in this game though – no, you’ll be rewarded with up to 50 free spins!

There’s three potential prize amounts you can win from landing 3+ golden stars:

  • 10 free spins + 5x multiplier
  • 25 free spins + 2x multiplier
  • 50 free spins + 1x multiplier

The wild symbol in this game is the iconic I’m A Celeb logo and when combined with 2 other symbols of the same kind will finish off the sequence and payout as normal. The wild symbols are also stacked, which means they come in pairs and threes – this means it’s easier to create winning combinations.Bonus! You can play this game at Titanbet Casino where you will be given up to £400 in bonuses when you join!

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about the I’m A Celebrity online slot. It’s fun, fast-paced and perfect for fans of the hit TV show!






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