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Here at Flashbitch we like to give you a bit of everything. Whether it is the latest love triangle in the celeb world or the up to date odds from X-Factor, you will find it all on our website.

But, as we’ve mentioned, there are also a lot of games for you to enjoy and savour, and this is our slots page, which will tell you the very best games to play and where to play them. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it, and here’s what it’s about.

However, if you’re not too sure, get over to our betting arena that will give you all the ways to bet, including playing on the slots. Whether you’re playing on mobile, or sitting at home in-front of your laptop, you will get a step-by-step guide on what to do, so you can ease your way in.

Bringing the latest slot reviews

Well, luckily for you there are some crackers for you to get your teeth into, with various different themed games. Here we will talk about three of our favourites, but make sure to check out the full range too.

Jackpot Giant: This is the slot to play if you are after a big prize. £4.5m was scooped earlier this year by an extremely lucky Scottish woman and there’s no reason why it couldn’t be you next time. With a progressive jackpot, you will regularly be playing for seven figures, and with bonuses and free spins available, you could turn a few quid into millions. Amazing!

Rainbow Riches: You’ve heard about the luck of the Irish, well this slot can put it to the test. With bright colours, lots of green of course, and leprechauns, you can go in search for the pot of gold and if you win it, well, happy days! Again the prizes are just brilliant, with the chance to nab up to 500x your stake. Get playing!

Britain’s Got Talent: This is Flashbitch, so we had to mention the BGT inspired slot – and it’s great! With some of your favourite faces from the past, SuBo included, you can relive the music of the show, the tension and the excitement with this slot. It’s glamourous, it’s fun, it’s thrilling, and you can win some money. Enjoy!

Above is just a brief taster of what the slots we will show for you and you can read more in-depth reviews of our slots and how to play below.

A lot of variation

When it comes to the slots, we all have different tastes, we know that. That’s why we give everyone options.

From BGT and several other well-known themed slots, to progressive jackpots that will allow you to seek out the real big wins, we’ve reviewed them all.

As well as that, you can choose games that are specific to your needs. If you’re a novice, we’ve rounded up some of the easier games to play. Generally, they come in the form of slots with fewer paylines, which makes it easier to work out all the combinations. Perfect for casual slot players.

Similarly, if you’re not too confident, there are games out there that can be played from a penny a spin. Ultimately, you don’t have to splash out to enjoy the fun of the slots, so don’t worry! However, we’re not trying to put you highrollers off! If you fancy making a mark you can up the ante with your stake, after all, the bigger the stake, the bigger the potential win. How brave are you feeling?

So, there you have it. We are all about giving you the best options out there, and here you will find all the ways to have fun on the slots. We offer great detail on a range of games, for players with all experience and of course, you can still get your celebrity fix with slots like BGT! Check them out, have some fun, and go win some money! Good luck.