If I'm being honest, The Jump 2016 is a car-crash of a show, half the people on there have already been carted off to hospital which is a valid reason for The Jump 2016 to jump of!

Did the 'celebrities' who were signed up for this show actually know what they had to do?

Beth Tweddle recently walked out of the show in a neck brace, which I'm sure really encouraged the other celebs. It seems like The Jump 2016 can crush anyone's profession and vertebrae! 

Bringing back losers to The Jump 2016!

Anyway, last week we saw reality TV star, lard-arse Arg return from Essex, due to the amount of injuries suffered by the other competitors.The producers must've been desperate to resort bringing him back!

Unfortunately for the viewers, we still have the cheating Ben Cohen and his pregnant girlfriend Kristina Rihanoff.

I'm surprised they even let Rihanoff into the studio knowing her penchant for married men. Watch out Brian McFadden! 

The Jump 2016 heats up!

The highlight of episode three has got to be the competition between Joe Swash and Ben Cohen.

I mean, I'm not going to deny, I was sitting at home shouting 'COME ON SWASH’. As you can probably tell, I don't like Ben Cohen.

Anyway, as expected the cocky Ben got through leaving Swash on the floor.

To me, something felt a little bit icy, when Ben C got to the finish line, Davina [the host] was screaming and jumping, as if she had some sort of asthma attack.

Davina clearly couldn't hold her excitement for Ben C… I mean, Davina, watch out! Ben now belongs to Kristina Rianoff –  but you might get a sneaky chance 😉 

The Jump Odds on the Winner.

With so much testosterone being produced by the mighty annoying Ben C, it’s no surprise to learn he is the third favourite to win in The Jump betting markets.

However he has a lot of ground to cover before he catches up with the bookies favourites to win The Jump 2016. Dean Cain's odds on being The Jump winner are 5/2 with Boylesports and Tom Parker is 2/1 to win with Coral.

The Jump unfortunately returns next Sunday at 7.30pm Channel 4pm. 

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