Many ways to experience the thrill of bingo

As well as providing you with an in-depth review of all of the best slots around and keeping you in the loop with all the latest news in the celebrity world, you can now get the latest bingo news! Again, it might be a guilty pleasure, but you’ve got to love a game of bingo. It’s easy to play, it’s exciting and you can win money, what’s not to like?

However, there are different types of bingo, here we will detail them and why you should play.

Plenty of options

As mentioned, you might not realise the variation of bingo games that are out there. Firstly, 90-ball bingo. This is the one you will be accustomed too, obviously with 90 numbers. It will be the one that your Nan plays, and has all the great sayings from the caller. You can usually nab bigger prizes as it’s a bigger game too.

The American favourite is 75-ball bingo and you will also find that online, but it doesn’t differ too much, you can still win via the traditional methods, be it a line and a full house. However, there’s a little twist, your lines can come not only horizontally, but vertically and diagonally too – so a few more ways to win. Not bad. Over the years we have seen quicker games been brought in, and you can now play 60, 50 and even 30-ball bingo. The games are lightning fast, it’s over before you know it and once again you can bag some excellent wins.

The options you have don’t end there. Players can now take advantage of themed bingo games – we love it! You can find Corrie inspired bingo games along with Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway Bingo, so you get to see some of your favourite faces. Another favourite of ours is the X-Factor bingo that allows you to face the judges.

It’s cheap

Another benefit of playing bingo is it’s cheap. You can buy tickets for pennies, sweets cost more than that these days! Yep, just a few coppers could see you having some real fun at the bingo and will leave you in with the chance of scooping some of the big prizes. Of course, the pot will be adjusted depending on the size of your stake, so if you fancy upping the ante you will be rewarded.

Will you take the risk?

These famous faces enjoy bingo

Bingo has developed somewhat of an unfair reputation over the years that just the older generation enjoy the game. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. As you would expect, here at we know all about the celebs that love a little dab at the bingo hall.

Catherine Zeta-Jones has played throughout her life, and loved it so much growing up in Wales that she now hosts ‘bingo parties’ in Hollywood. We’re still waiting for our invite… Along with Catherine a wide range of other superstars have been spotted, such as Robbie Williams, Denise van Outen and Prince William. If they play it, why shouldn’t we!?

That’s it for our dedicated bingo page. Check out all of the reviews, play your favourite games and hopefully win. Along with great games, there are various promotions that are available, so you can definitely nab a brilliant offer that will allow you to get off to a winning start. It’s cheap, it’s fun and you can play a variety of games. Get involved.