It’s the final countdown this week for Big Brother Timebomb and on Thursday the winner of BBUK 16 will be announced!

This means you have just four days to get your money on who you think will be crowned King or Queen of the house!

There have been some changes in the BBUK betting market with Coral bookmakers since yesterday. Chloe is still tipped to win, with Jack now second favourite and Joel third!

I’ll say this a second time, I do not see Chloe winning and I do not see Danny Wisker winning.

It is certainly between Joel, Jack and Nick but since Jack took £23,900 from the prize fund, some viewers may decide to not vote for him to win.

That said, there are a surprising number of Big Brother fans that are happy Jack took some cash and I am one of them!

Cristian is still the LEAST favourite to win with the bookies setting his BBUK odds at 20/1. I'm going to put a couple of quid on Cristian with those odds!

Joel has a lot of support but the fact he is a young Tory means there are a lot of folk who will not vote for him to win, opinion is very divided on this housemate!

I would love to see Nick win, he is such a lovely lad, I’ve never heard a nasty word from him the whole series and he seems to take everything in his stride, despite his outward signs of nervousness. However, he's probably not done enough to win the series.

Why don't I want Chloe to win?

The only thing Chloe really had going for her was her sweetness but now that’s turning bitter as we continue to see her really digging at Jack ALL THE TIME. She's turned into a bit of a misery too, I just can't thing of anything exceptional about her that would make me pick her as my winner now.

If Chloe does win, I will not be happy – the lads have done so much more to entertain us this season!

Click on the odds in the box, to have a flutter on your winner!


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