So many fans of EastEnders are certain they have the answer to the Who Killed Lucy Beale whodunit, that BBC are giving away a banner for viewers to use on their Facebook profiles!

Click on this link to get the I Know Who Killed Lucy Beale banner 

As far as I’m aware this has not been done before and it is a wonderful way of involving the fans even more, in what has turned out to be the biggest murder mystery storyline in any British soap.

I’ve been updating you with Who Killed Lucy Beale betting odds on a daily basis and currently there have been no changes to the market since yesterday, when Bobby Beale took the position as second fave to be the killer after Jane Beale.

If you’re holding back on having a flutter, that’s all well and good. There are live segments in tonight’s EastEnders and I imagine by the end of the show we will be able to rule one or more suspects out.

Another first for the BBC One soap this week is live tweeting from one of the characters!

During the live segments of the shows, Tamwar will be sending tweets which will show up on the official BBC EastEnders Twitter account and on their official Facebook page!

Watch out for these tweets if you can, they may give extra clues about the killer!

I imagine as this week unfolds we will be able to cross certain suspects off our lists and by Thursday we may well be left with just a couple of characters that could possibly be the culprit!

It’s going to be quite a ride this week and I imagine people will be placing bets right up until the last minute.

If you want to bet now, click on the odds at the top of the page. If you are new to betting online, click HERE for my easy to follow guide on how to get started.


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