Well, the bookies got it right by predicting Harry Amelia would be evicted in the 11th Big Brother Timebomb eviction on Friday but not even they saw a double eviction coming!

With Harry and Sam Kay now gone, we only have one female housemate left and that’s Chloe Wilburn.

Five days from the final Chloe is the favourite to win in today’s Big Brother betting market with Coral!

If she is your winner, you can place a bet on her by clicking on the BBUK 16 odds in the box and at 5/2 – you can get a free £20 bonus bet if you sign up for a free online Coral account and put a fiver on Chloe.

Chloe may be the bookies fave to win but she’s not mine!

I would much prefer to see Jack or Joel winning Big Brother 16 because they have been way more involved in this series and have not kept under the radar for the majority of the last 5000 weeks of BBUK.

Well – it feels like 5000 weeks!

I do have cash riding on Nick Henderson to win, although I am not confident he has done enough to get the attention of the majority of voting BBUK fans.

The dark horse is still Cristian. He needs to be careful he doesn’t draw too much negative attention his way like has done recently by being a bit of a twat to Sam, before she left. Also, he needs to drop the fake accent and not attempt to rap.

If he does all these things, given the huge Twitter following he has, he may well be a winner!

As for Danny – I have one word for him and that’s ‘canoe’. If this makes no sense to you, then you need to watch Saturday night’s show again where once again we saw the dark side of Danny. He  cannot win Big Brother!


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