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Starr Brite is the UK’s online number one TV tipster

with successful and profitable predictions on The X-Factor  Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother winners.

This is why Starr is the editor of FlashBitch and is here to teach you all the tricks of the reality TV betting trade.

Even if reality TV is not your bag, Starr advises on many Novelty and Specials markets including The Eurovision Song Contest!
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Starr Brite by name and Starr Brite by nature.

The UK’s online number one TV tipster of 2014, with successful and profitable predictions on The X-Factor, Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother winners, started out as a schoolyard poet, exchanging her creative talents for tuck shop treats.

Still with a sugar tooth but also an acerbic tongue, Starr Brite has travelled extensively, with her travel blogs and adventures gaining rapturous applause from an avid readership. Whilst travelling the world, one thing became clear, her ability to spot a winner like a needle in a haystack. In all the cultures she encountered, Starr Brite shared her love and fascination with the phenomenon that is reality TV and talent shows.

From country to country, adventure to adventure, Starr Brite could pick an audience favourite before the voting had even begun and with that in mind, FlashBitch.com began to take shape.

Settling down in the UK and after negotiations with the leading UK online betting site, Coral.co.uk, a partnership was set up and in summer 2014, this site started receiving massive amounts of traffic from fans of shows including The X-Factor, The Voice, Britain’s Got Talent, I’m A Celebrity and more. All looking for the latest breaking news and reviews, previews and hot topic discussions. Starr Brite had captured the imagination of the prime time entertainment TV generation.

After appearing on post-broadcast panel discussion shows, Starr Brite became the number 1 TV tipster, the pop culture pundit and the celebrity betting guru who shares her insight with her fans.

How to win and make money weekly from reality TV and talent shows like I have!

Bookmark this site, join the mailing list, follow FlashBitchUK on Twitter and FlashBitch on Facebook, as 2015 looks set to be the year when more people will take part in reality TV betting and looking out for odds updates, as opposed to simply picking up the phone or using the app to vote for their favourite person / act.

2015 is the year to make money from your Saturday and Sunday night TV entertainment! Where? Only at FlashBitch.com!

To contact Miss Flash Bitch herself, send an email to flashbeech@gmail.com.