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Here at Flashbitch we aim to bring you all of the news and gossip in the celebrity world. Check out any of our pages at the top and you will find a dedicated section bringing you all of the latest news and views around. From talent show’s like X -Factor and Britain’s Got Talent (BGT), to the shenanigans from the reality TV programmes, we will cover it all.

Whether it is someone creating controversy to emotional break-ups or memorable performances and bad decisions by the judges – it will be in our Betting Arena section. We just can’t get enough of it. But, that’s not enough for us. We want to give you more, so you can find all of the latest TV betting, as well as the chance to play on the slots and have a game or two of bingo! What’s not to love?

Celebrity betting

We all know what it’s like watching your favourite TV programmes. The family are gathered on the sofa, drinks flowing and the snacks getting shared about. Then, say on BGT, an act will come on and will blow your mind. However, your Mum might hate them! It’s all about opinions and watching some of our favourite celebrity TV shows can really divide opinion in the house, so why not put your money where your mouth is with our celebrity betting.

We cover all of your favourite shows, from X-Factor, BGT to Big Brother, so whatever you are watching if you think you have seen that someone who will appeal to the public or has unique talent, then place a bet. Then, not only can you enjoy the show but you can hopefully leave with some money! Not bad.

What’s more, if you aren’t confident with placing a bet, or don’t know how it works, all you have to do is visit our betting arena and everything will be broken down in order to make it easy for you to do. Find step-by-step guides and place your bet. Then you will have that extra bit of interest in the show!

Enjoy the bright lights of the slots!

Of course, if betting on the TV programme isn’t your thing then you can always turn your attention to the slots – they are real fun. With quick spins, the speed and thrill of this makes them so appealing. Plus, you can benefit from a host of free bets, free spins and bonuses that will make playing on the slots better!

As well as that, there are several themed games that will attract interest from all sorts of people and of course, this is Flashbitch so we review TV show themed slots like Britain’s Got Talent. You’re welcome. But seriously, that’s not all, check out our entire page for a great range of slot reviews and more.

Don’t forget you can win some serious money on the slots too, the right spin here and a cheeky bonus there and you may have enough to end up partying where some of your favourite celebs go!

Win big at bingo

The ways you can win don’t end there at Flashbitch, we’re too kind, we know. You can also play bingo, and don’t worry, that doesn’t mean being sat in the local town hall with your Nan and all of her friends with their bingo dabbers ready to pounce.

Nope, instead you can sit back, relax and maybe even enjoy a drink or two as you take in the fantastic bingo games that we have on offer. You know the rules, it couldn’t be simpler, and it is actually really fun. Plus, it may not be for all the older generation as is stereotyped, you’d be surprised to hear that Robbie Williams and Catherine Zeta-Jones are amongst a host of celebs who enjoy the game.

If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!

So, there you go. A comprehensive look at what’s in store for you at Flashbitch. The TV world is forever changing, from evictions in X-Factor to heated arguments in Big Brother, and even if you can’t watch every show, we will, and we’ll keep you updated. Add in our excellent TV betting odds and how easy it is to do, and you can make every show that little bit more interesting. That’s without mentioning our slots and bingo! There’s so much going on. Enjoy.